Uncover The #1 Thing Blocking You

From Success 

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End Your Limiting

Belief Scripts

The personal discoveries

you are about to make from your assessment

results could mark an

end to the

frustration and

struggle you may have experienced

throughout your life.


Discover Your Secret Formula for Success

Success comes

in many different forms.

However you define it,

though, the formula

remains the same.

Everyone has potential

that they can tap

to get what they

want out of life.


Reprogram Your Mind to Unlock Your Power

The subconscious mind is the powerful secondary system that runs everything in your life. Learning how to stimulate the communication between the conscious and the

subconscious minds

is a powerful tool on

the way to success, happiness and riches.

What Our Customers Say

You Can Have Results Like These When You Work With Sarah


"Sarah has an insightful line into how people think and heal. She is able to burrow into the core of the issue and pull out a stream of thought that makes simple sense in a chaotic world. Sarah is a talented practitioner who applies her skill set effortlessly to assist her audiences in shifting their mindset and perspective to one that moves them towards success."


"Sarah Madras, what can

I team and I

were so blessed by you tonight.

You are contagious, fun,

exciting, and honest.

Thank you for taking time to help us dig deep.

You have a gift!!!

Thank you does not seem like enough!!!"



Following the workshop,

I felt relieved - I had answers to some things I am struggling with. I do wish that I could've recorded the session to play back and re-live some of the a-ha moments. It was so good that

I wish I had more time with you as I

WANTED MORE! GREAT workshop which is why I want to relive it!”

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